Top Tip: The best Christmas gifts for anyone travel mad

I still can’t believe it, but Christmas is officially only two weeks away. And although it is a time for family, food and hopefully snow, giving and receiving a meaningful gift is always a bonus. If you are still wondering what to get your world wandering friend, lover or family member, here are my Top Tips for filling a fabulous Christmas stocking.

Give them the gift of advanced selfies

Yes, advanced selfies is a real thing. Gone are the days of front cam selfies with pouted lips and Snapchat filters. Now it is all about landscapes, showing of nature’s scale and pretending you don’t know the camera is there. I get a lot of comments and questions on how I take my Instagram pictures and it all comes down to one thing: I never, ever leave the house without my tripod setup. Like, never ever. Mounting a camera on a steady tripod allows you to play around with longer exposures, get more artistic and set up and frame a scene exactly the way you want it. Pairing that with a self timer or a wireless shutter release remote will allow you to move away from your camera and tripod, get into cool locations and positions and still control when and how many shots to take.

If you are tired of following your globe wanderer around and getting told off for cutting off their feet or not taking enough shots to find ‘The One’ for Instagram, get them a decent tripod such as the AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod. It comes with a travel bag and sells on Amazon for only £11.99. Pair that with the PIXEL FSK 2.4GHz Wireless Shutter Remote Release Control for only £32.00 on Amazon.  It can be mounted to most DSLR cameras and it is my absolutely favourite camera accessory. I mean, who needs a complaining Instagram husband if you can just take your own fabulous pictures?

Let them scratch their way around the world

Nothing gives a serial traveller more pleasure than scratching another country off their travel wish list. But how much would you be loved by your travel obsessed friend if you can physically allow her to do that? From personal experience I can tell you that a scratch off world map is an instant crowd-pleaser at all Christmas parties and is sure to leave your travelling buddy dreaming about past travels and surely have them inspired to see more of this stunning world.

There are millions of scratch maps available these days, but I suggest the Maps International Scratch the World® Travel Map in gold. On Amazon they start at £14.99 for a standard, unframed map. 

Treat them, and Mother Earth

In a time where plastic pollution should be at the front of every mind, why not inspire your world wanderer to be a world saver as well? There are so many things we can do to tackle the plastic problem, but starting with small changes is the way to go for creating a bigger, social change.

Island holidays certainly mean cocktails and coconuts, so make sure your traveller has some reusable straws to make those drinks taste bud and eco friendly. I love the Surfers Against Sewage Reusable Steel Straws. They are come packaged in cardboard, include 4 bent straws and even a little cleaner to make sure all the coconut gets washed away. For sale online for only £8.50, this is a great gift that will last a lifetime and will also allow an amazing charity to continue with their very important work.

A zero waist cutlery set is always a great gift for any traveller. Not only does it allow you to skip dirty cutlery in dodgy hostels, but it also allows you to skip on the single use plastic cutlery popular at food markets and street food stands. I love this handmade set from Saidonia Eco, a zero waste and green living essentials shop, for only £18.71. It includes a bamboo knife, fork and spoon, as well as a set of chopsticks and a straw and cleaner, all wrapped up in a pretty pouch.

Let them listen

So your travel mad sister gets onto a long-haul flight. There is a crying baby in the row behind her, the guy next to her already claimed the armrest and the plug for the earphones into the entertainment unit is broken. Obviously. Luckily you got her an Audible subscription for Christmas and now you are her favourite sibling ever. The end.

No, but really. Audible is a fantastic App that allows you to listen to over 100 000 of the world’s best stories, all read by our time’s most beautiful voices. What makes it so special is that, unlike reading a book, Audible allows you to listen to your audio book while you are driving, running, washing the dishes or while you are crossing the Atlantic at 53 000 feet en rout to New York. It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves books, and also another great zero waist gift.

You can see a list of their best sellers, new releases and great first listens by clicking here or you can find more information about getting an Audible subscription as a gift here.

Subscribe, explore and discover

I am yet to meet a fellow traveller who doesn’t want to work for National Geographic. I mean, does that kind of traveller even exist? For anyone who loves travel, nature, exploration, science, culture and how all of these are connected, a subscription to National Geographic is the perfect gift. With a few different options available regarding print or online versions, your travel obsessed friend will get a reminder how wonderful the world is, and you are, every month when the postman delivers.

Help them make a list

Whether it’s a list of where to go, what to see or how to get there, all dreams start with writing them down. Journaling whilst on the road is one of the best things about travelling. You get to write down important facts, favourite memories and the names and contacts for the amazing people you meet along the way. Spoil your wandering friend with a personalised leather journal by ATLAS & I. A part of the ‘Not on the High Street‘ movement that supports and promotes small local businesses, ATLAS & I’s products are all personlised, thoughtful, hand made to order and stunningly beautiful.

PS. They also do a variety of other products, all covered in vintage maps, including baking gloves, kitchen ware, chairs and passport covers.

Let them wear the dream

Whether it is that lonely beach in Australia you got to see during your gap year or maybe that beautiful park in Paris where a simple ‘yes!’ turned a boyfriend into a fiance, we all have that one special place that stole our heart. Now, with the help of Gemma McGuinness Jewellery, you are able to not only keep that place in your heart, but also wear it on it. Hand made to perfection in her home workshop, Gemma creates 100% sterling silver jewellery which is designed to share a passion and love for travel. Through expert craftsmanship, Gemma creates stunning personalised map necklaces and other travel inspired pieces of jewellery – all the perfect reminder of that special place for anyone who loves travelling.  For sale on  Not on the High Street  or Etsy, a gift from Gemma McGuinness Jewellery is thoughtful, personlised and is sure to leave you with serious travel fever!

So there you have it. Now go fill your stockings and have yourself a merry little Christmas!